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62nd Congress

from October 30 to November 03, 2018 in Oporto, Portugal

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Dear colleagues, dear friends,

After Toronto, it is time to return to Europe, and more precisely to Portugal and to the city of Porto, located alongside the Douro River. Porto is a vibrant city registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

Porto is also famous for the Douro River and its wine. With its Quintas (farms) that extend along the almost vertical slopes of the Douro valleys, Porto offers an unforgettable experience to our colleagues and their families.

This year, Congress main themes are limited to two: “Legal Practice in the Digital Era” and “Legal Challenges of Modern Day Slavery”.

The legal practice has entered the digital age. Are lawyers gradually being replaced by computers? Which challenges does the digital era raise for the legal practice?

43 commissions and working groups are UIA’s strength. The cuttingedge legal content provided during their working sessions at the Congress enable participants to increase their knowledge in different practice areas.

This Congress has the support of the Portuguese Bar Association which represents around 30.000 lawyers and regulates the profession protects its social role, dignity and prestige and promotes access to knowledge and the application of the law.

UIA members and friends already know this, but I would like to assure to first time participants that a UIA Congress is the right place to make to new friends and to establish long-standing business relationships.

But as life is more than work, alongside the scientific program, our Congress will also provide high quality social and leisure programs to enjoy the charm of Porto.

I am sure that with your support and strong participation, the 2018 Porto UIA Congress will be a huge success.


UIA President


Welcome to Portugal

From the time when Prince Henry the Navigator encouraged Portuguese sea captains to undertake a series of daring oceanic voyages, Portugal, a small country on the extreme edge of Europe, became the first post-feudal western empire, and in fact ended up being the last European colonial power.

Thus it came about that Portugal, though small, spread its influence around the world to Asia, Africa and the Americas creating in the process a unique “blend” between the culture and civilisation of this country and the cultures and civilisations of the various peoples with whom the Portuguese inter-acted.

Perhaps it is this openness to other cultures that is also the reason why this country has been so willingly accepted as a constructive and indeed leading, though not dominating, participant in the ongoing relationships within the world of Portuguese-speaking countries, a community (it may be noted) that accounts for around 250 million people.

In welcoming you today in Portugal, let me say how very proud we are to have the UIA Congress here in the City of Porto, capital of Portugal’s northern region. It is our ambition to do everything we can to ensure that all of you attending this Congress have a wonderful and unforgettable experience during your stay.

It is fair to say as we look back that Portugal was the starting point of a social phenomenon which, whether we like it or not, nowadays affects us all namely “globalisation”. We also recognise, with the perspective of history, that this country played an active role both positive and negative in the development of what are now rightly seen to be “human rights”. With these thoughts in our minds, I am fully confident that Porto will prove to be an inspirational place for us to discuss the two main themes chosen for our Congress.

Taking inspiration from our ancestors, let us try - through our discussions - to meet that challenge and to generate new ideas and formulate new and imaginative responses to both themes.

At the same time, I urge you all not to miss the opportunity to enjoy to the full the charm and hospitality of this beautiful City of Porto.

Welcome to the UIA 2018 Congress.


President of the Congress

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