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Dear Colleagues,

30 years have passed since the last UIA congress in Canada. A return to this country is therefore long overdue.

The UIA shares many values with this magnificent country, such as multilingualism and multiculturalism, as well as an ongoing quest to preserve peace and democracy in the world, along with the rule of law.

Toronto, which was the capital of Upper Canada and known as York until 1834, is the largest city in the country and a major financial centre. It overlooks Lake Ontario, has the benefit of a microclimate and offers an exceptional quality of life.

In addition to the work of the numerous specialised commissions, three main topics have been chosen, which will cover:

  • natural resource exploitation, as well as all their related problems, in the areas of human rights, environment law, real estate law, trade law, financial law, labour law and criminal law
  • repairing the harm caused by terrorism, in order to determine those who are responsible and how victims should be compensated
  • the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: an alternative form of dispute resolution in the event of inter-ethnic problems in national and international conflicts?

The gala dinner will be held in the superb Royal Ontario Museum and there will be a general excursion to the famous Niagara Falls. Those of you who are able to take a pre-congress tour will be able to enjoy the last few days of Canada’s Indian summer.

Several North American professional associations have already assured us of their support. This congress will thus be an opportunity for particularly in-depth, fruitful discussions with colleagues from North America, especially our Canadian colleagues.

I look forward to seeing you in Toronto next October for a memorable congress.

Laurence BORY

UIA President


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Esteemed Guests,

As Congress President, I would like to welcome you all to the UIA 2017 Congress, held in our vibrant, beautiful, beloved city of Toronto.

Toronto is a young city. It carries in it all the ambition, the aspiration and that often elusive invincibility of youth. It is a city that promises growth, success for those who seek it and prosperity for today and many, many days to come. Nested on the banks of Lake Ontario and facing the State of New York, Toronto is the very heart of Canada.

Torontonians are proud of living in one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. For generations, Toronto has been a focal point for immigration to North America. Author Dionne Brand once wrote: “Name a region on the planet and there’s someone from there, here.” Today, Toronto is known internationally not only for its diversity, but for its ability to bring people together, to help people find connection and meaning where there was none before. Our official motto? “Diversity is Our Strength.” And it truly is – Toronto is a global city and an international center of business and culture.

When you visit Toronto, I hope you will be impressed with the friendly and energetic atmosphere that attracts millions to the city each year. Toronto is home to a vast array of landmarks, from the CN Tower to the Royal Ontario Museum to Osgoode Hall, a neoclassical building that houses the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Law Society of Upper Canada. Despite its undeniable urbanity, Toronto is very much a green city. Scarborough Bluffs Park stretches along the Lake Ontario shore and offers a spectacular view of Toronto’s natural beauty; Center Island’s beaches are a short ferry ride away for those seeking a quick vacation from the city; And Queen’s Park is nested in the beautiful downtown campus of the University of Toronto.

I look forward to seeing you in Toronto, and I am certain you will enjoy Canada’s world-renowned hospitality our city.

Jacqueline R. BART

President of the Congress

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