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Dear colleagues and friends,
After our adventures in Macau, the UIA will return to Europe in 2014 for a magical congress in Florence.
If there is one city in Europe that everyone in the world loves to visit, it is Florence. Artistic masterpieces, architectural wonders and living history are around every corner, and the Florentine art de vivre is legendary. We will take full advantage of this magnificent setting for both our scientific and social activities.
Our single main theme has been chosen with Florence in mind: “Protecting Creativity: The Law of Art, Fashion and Design.” Experts in all three - both lawyers and business leaders - will join together to discuss the myriad of legal issues that arise in these closely-related fields that have made Italy and particularly Florence world-famous. We will do our best to schedule the main theme to reduce competition with related commission and other programmes, so that everyone can participate both in the compelling main theme and the regular sessions of our commissions.
And when our work is done each day, we will walk out into the breathtaking autumn beauty of the city on the Arno - with social events in historic venues of great beauty, and excursions to the Tuscan countryside for attendees and accompanying persons alike. This is a congress for the whole family - there will be surprises to delight everyone, no matter what their age or nationality.
And as always, there will be the special atmosphere of the UIA - a convivial place to meet old friends and make new ones, exchange ideas and focus on the compelling issues of our profession. The UIA welcomes everyone - from sole practitioners to members of large firms, no matter what their language, nationality or legal tradition. Florence will be a multilingual and multicultural festival of the law - a rare chance for all of us to celebrate our profession while learning from each other.
I look forward to welcoming all of you to Florence in October 2014.
Stephen L. Dreyfuss
UIA President
Dear colleagues, dear friends,
After Milan in 1958 and Turin in 2001, this congress is the UIA’s return to Italy, and this time to Florence, city of art and culture par excellence, and much more…
Ideally located in the heart of Italy, Florence is easily accessible wherever you come from. Should you wish to blend the useful and the pleasurable, and embark on the “Italian Journey”, so dear to the 19th century romantic authors, you may want to know that Rome is only one hour away by train, Bologna a half - hour, and Turin, Milan and Venice are quite close as well.
The surroundings of Florence hide unique places like Chianti, whose reputation is built not only on its excellent wine - which can be tasted in historical and aristocratic cellars - but also on the Tuscan countryside, so often depicted by the Macchiaioli School of painting. Sienna, well known for its Palio, and the Tyrrhenian Sea are also nearby and worth visiting. The Grand Duchy of Tuscany is equally famous for having been the first government in the world to have abolished the death penalty, on November 30, 1786.
Florence is an open-air museum. Michelangelo’s David will welcome us to our gala dinner in the “Salone dei Cinquecento” of the Palazzo Vecchio. The Uffizzi Gallery will reveal its Renaissance treasures to you.
Thanks to the art and culture of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Florence was the driving force not only of Italy but also of Europe. Today, a journey to the Renaissance can bring us optimism and hope for a peaceful and prosperous future for all peoples.
In November 1966, many young people came to Florence from all over the world to save the city’s artistic and cultural patrimony from the floods. I was one of them, and I hope this congress is the occasion for me to meet some old colleagues, who were students then and participated in this gesture of solidarity.
Welcome to Italy. Welcome to Florence.
Bruno Micolano
President of the 2014 Congress
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