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The UIA Bar Leaders' Briefing 2017 programme is now available

The UIA is organising the UIA Bar Leaders' Briefing at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on June 2, 2017.

Since 1997, the UIA has hosted at the United Nations a series of briefings for leaders of its member bars and law societies.


The meetings provide information about international law and policy developments at the United Nations that are of special interest to the legal profession and feature observations by senior United Nations officials and by representatives of Permanent Missions to the United Nations. Selected remarks, questions and comments by bar leaders from around the world offer opportunity for exchanges of thought. The briefings are geared towards enriching the policy planning of bars and law societies and towards facilitating cooperation with the United Nations and other intergovernmental institutions.

The 2017 Briefing Program features 2 main themes:

Is the Rule of Law a Necessity for Keeping the Peace?

- The Responsibility of Lawyers and Bar Associations Towards Refugees


This event is reserved for UIA’s collective members and their representatives. Participation is free and those wishful of attending must register with UIA.

For the UIA's 90th Anniversary, the event is exceptionally opened to all individual members.  

If you are not yet a UIA member, please contact us.


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