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Seminar Menu for Q4 2017-Q1 2018

Szecskay Attorneys at Law

Director of Seminars


Discover soon the UIA 2018 events calendar with more than 20 Seminars and Training Courses. 

While the Toronto Annual Congress will be the venue of launching the full 2018 seminar menu of the UIA, it is worth to watch already the first quarter of 2018. "Mediation for Sports Disputes - Turning Adversaries into Teammates” will grant an interesting insight in sports dispute resolution on 12-13 January, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. The seminar is organized by the Sport Law Commission thanked to VEIGA GOMES President and the Mediation of and Conflict Prevention Commission President Georges FEGHALI and Vice-President Thomas GAULTIER with the support of the Portuguese national committee lead by Paulo BANDEIRA.

The UIA will also come back to India with a seminar in Bangalore on January 12-13, about "Trends in Technology Transactions and Compliance” organised by Avimukt Dar and Enrica Senini.

The ABA Section of International Law will again join the team of Winfried SCHMITZ, who organizes the 13th times the Winter Seminar of the UIA between 24 February-3 March, 2018 in Zermatt. The seminar this year is focusing on "Legal Challenges in the Context of Globalization & Protectionism M&A, Corporate Law, White Collar Crimes and Dispute Resolutions”. Thanked to the members of the Organizing Committee Franz SCHUBIGER, Véronique MOISSINAC MASSENAT, Francisco RAMOS ROMEU, Maria CRONIN and Yoshihisa HAYAKAWA, the one week long real life sport challenge shall be spiced with a high quality scientific content.

At last but not least the UIA Tax Law Commission, Foreign Investment Commission joined the Latin American Lawyers Forum with an evergreen topic from a state of the art approach on “Tax Incentives for FDI” and shall hold a seminar in São Paulo, Brazil, on 8-9 March, 2018. The organizing committee of Eduardo LORENZETTI, President of the UIA Foreign Investments Commission, Alexander PUPETER, President of the UIA Tax Law Commission, together with the local support of Vinicius Jucá ALVES and Alfredo David CAPRA guarantee an excellent mix of scientific program and business networking opportunity.


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