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Partnership agreements between the UIA and Law Universities

The UIA has signed 5-year partnership agreements with several universities. The main aim of these partnerships is to promote the UIA’s founding principles to law students and to enable them to develop a realistic approach to legal practice.


More specifically, these agreements aim:

-          to facilitate law students’ attendance at UIA seminars and congresses, so that they are aware of the reality of practising law at national and international levels;

-        to facilitate law students’ attendance at congresses and involvement in scientific programmes;

-          to organise seminars and conferences on legal subjects;

-          to increase participation in Human Rights protection;

-          to organise joint training programmes;

-         to reserve a forum for the students of each signatory university, so that they can speak at seminars and congresses.


Signatory universities:

- University of Madrid (Spain)

- University of Richmond (USA)

- University of Malaga (Spain)

- University of Bologna Faculty of Law (Italy)


For more information, please contact the UIA

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