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Our structure

UIA structure

The UIA’s three main bodies are the General Assembly, the Executive Committee and the Governing Board.

These bodies determine the association’s goals, adopt the rules that govern it and ensure compliance with the UIA’s principles.





The UIA President for 2017-2018 is

Pedro Pais de Almeida
Lisbon, Portugal






Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the UIA’s executive body. It supervises the implementation of the decisions made by the General Assembly and Governing Board, as well as the smooth running of the association. The Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly.

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Governing Board

The Governing Board’s remit is to define the association’s strategy vectors. The Board adopts, inter alia, the association’s budget, operating regulations and the resolutions that are submitted to it.

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General Assembly

The General Assembly is the association’s sovereign body. All UIA members who are up-to-date with the payment of their dues may attend General Assemblies. All collective and individual members who are present or represented at a General Assembly are entitled to vote. A General Assembly is held at least once a year.


National representatives

The UIA is represented throughout the world by the Chairs of national committees, as well as by National Representatives and Regional Secretaries. Their remit is to expand the UIA’s presence in their country or region and to liaise with the members in their area and the UIA’s Management.

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The UIA has five membership categories:

- *Individual members= Lawyers whose primary professional activity is the practice of law.

- Collective members = Bars, lawyers’ associations and federations.

- *Associate individual members* = Other legal professionals who practise law as their primary occupation, law professors and magistrates.

- Associate collective members = Both national and international associations of legal professionals, as well as international lawyers’ associations with broadly representative membership.

- Honorary members




UIA headquarters

The UIA headquarters provides multilingual administrative and logistics support in all areas of the association’s work. It is located in Paris at a former 17th century mansion house, l’Hôtel de la Porte.


Marie-Pierre RICHARD Executive Director
Anne-Marie VILLAIN Assistant to the Executive Director
Felix MARQUES Accounting Manager
Mélissa GENNIN Events Co-ordinator – Congress
Colette SURIN Events Co-ordinator – Seminars
Noelia ALONSO MORÁN Development and Partnership Co-ordinator
Marie-Pierre LIENARD Communication and Website Officer
Romina BOSSA ABIVEN Human Rights and Legal Profession Project Assistant
Lucile BOILLE Events Secretary
Tiphaine DEYGAS Events Secretary
Johan BRENA Events Secretary

Events Daniela 

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