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Our missions

The Union Internationale des Avocats' (UIA – International Association of Lawyers) objects, free from all political and religious considerations are:

  •  to promote, in the interests of those subject to systems of justice, the fundamental principles of the legal profession throughout the world, particularly independence and freedom;

  •  to promote the development of the science of law in all areas and to facilitate the continuing education of lawyers and other legal professionals;

  •  to contribute to the establishment of an international legal order based on the principle of justice between nations, through law and in the cause of peace;

  •  to defend lawyers and other legal professionals, to study together problems of professional status and organisation, particularly in the international context.

In furtherance of those objects, the UIA organises events (notably scientific and training events), intervenes with national and international organisations, edits and distributes publications.


To discover our 2016 missions, you can access our annual report below :





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