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Monday, October 30

09h00 - 12h30 
Transitional Justice: Issues and ApproachesWestin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel - Harbour AB

Speakers : Jean-Pierre MASSIAS, Pascal PARADIS, Bob RAE, Mohamed Lotfi EL AJERI

Can the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada be used as a model for the resolution of the most serious conflicts that involve large populations?

In the worst situations, in which there are countless victims and countless perpetrators are involved, there is a feeling that justice cannot completely fulfill its mandate of sanctioning those responsible, ensuring redress and restoring civil peace. We will look to other mechanisms that can all be described as “transitional justice”, some but not all of which have been successful. Holding our congress in Canada will be an opportunity to discuss the experience of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, to assess other current experiments, their successes and their failures, and to learn from them.

We should also examine the role that institutional justice must continue to play in these situations, the role and training of lawyers with regard to transitional justice, and the issue of the reparations that victims can expect.

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