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Monday, October 30

14h00 - 17h30 
RETIREMENT AND PENSIONSWestin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel - Pier 7

President : Pierre-Jacques CASTANET
Speakers : José María ANTRAS BADIA, Pierre-Jacques CASTANET, José FERREIRA DE ALMEIDA, Daniel Mario BURKE

What Are the Possibilities for Lawyers to Implement Dependency Cover in Order to Improve Their Social Security? 
This will involve forward-looking but very practical analysis of the possibility for lawyers to improve their social security by creating a new scheme to cover the risk of dependency. With increasing life expectancy, among other things, this risk is becoming a major source of concern.
Rather than leaving each lawyer to take the initiative of arranging individual cover for this risk with a particular insurance company, would it be appropriate to set up an occupational scheme in this area?
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