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Saturday, October 28

14h00 - 17h30 
IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY LAWWestin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel - Pier 9

President : Rayan HOUDROUGE
Coordinators : Hervé LINDER, Clayton E. CARTWRIGHT JR
Speakers : Mahfoud AIT ERRAMI, Huguette ANDRE-CORET, Nikolaos ARGYRIOU, Jacqueline Rose BART, Bruno BLANPAIN, Laura DEVINE, Rayan HOUDROUGE, Martin KAMAKO, Marc-Antoine MANCINI, Elisabeth ZAKHARIA SIOUFI, Clayton E. CARTWRIGHT JR

Terrorism as an Anti-Immigration Weapon and Refugee Rights within the Transitional Justice System
The presence of terrorist groups in a region is often a push factor for civil populations to migrate in order to seek protection. However, current political rhetoric often portrays migration as a major driver for terrorism, which leads to the migratory phenomenon being seen solely from the perspective of security. In this context, the objective of our sessions will be to debate, in particular, the impact of anti-terrorist measures on migrants (and especially on refugees), and also the potential inherent risks of a restrictive migratory policy in terms of the spread of terrorism.
Moreover, our session will also cover the transitional justice process, the role of which is, in particular, to identify the persons who are responsible for human rights abuses, to ensure victim compensation and encourage reconciliation at individual and national levels, as a large proportion of civil society, which is directly concerned by armed conflicts, is often favourable to this. With this in mind, we will specifically discuss the relations, which can sometimes be complex, between forced migration and transitional justice, in particular concerning the right of persons who have fled their country to participate in its reconstruction in the capacity of citizens. We will also examine the legal strategies that make it possible to recognise the forced displacement of populations and to establish a connection between victim compensation rights and the right of refugees to return to their country in complete safety.
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