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Sunday, October 29

14h00 - 17h30 
THE FUTURE OF THE LAWYERWestin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel - Harbour AB

President : Urquiola Mariana DE PALACIO DEL VALLE DE LERSUNDI
Speakers : Steven A. HAMMOND, Issouf BAADHIO, Patricia LOPEZ AUFRANC, Julie GOFFIN, Ángela DÍAZ-BASTIEN VARGAS-ZÚÑIGA, Georges-Albert DAL, Avninder SINGH

The Lawyer Before International Jurisdictions and the Preservation of the Essential Principles of the Profession in the Exercise Before These Jurisdictions
In the context of progress in the rule of law in international business, many international courts have been set up recently and in that regard we find a wide array (among others: international administrative tribunals called upon to settle disputes in the international civil service; different international criminal tribunals; international mixed tribunals; or tribunals at regional or subregional level).
Thus, it may be interesting to reflect on the validity and applicability of the essential principles of our profession and the reliability of the procedures in these forums.
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