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Thursday, October 30

14h00 - 17h30 
TAX LAW - Sala 5

President : Tiago José Farça MARREIROS MOREIRA
Speakers : Tiago José Farça MARREIROS MOREIRA, Martí ADROER TOUS, Ergun Benan ARSEVEN, Jean-Jacques BATAILLON, Kevin DINGLI, Peter FEYL, Beatriz GARCIA PAESA, Alan JESSUP, Daniel LEHMANN, Agustina Nathalia LOINAZ D'ISABELLA, Alexander PUPETER, Jochem VAN DER WAL

Efficient Tax Planning and Structuring of IP Companies, IP Rights and Other Intangibles

In a globalized competitive market, proper tax planning and structuring of IP rights and other intangibles is a key issue for any major group or company.

The Tax Commission experts will analyse and debate the tax incentives designed by several worldwide jurisdictions to encourage the formation of IP companies and the relocation of the high-value jobs associated with the development, manufacture and exploitation of IP rights.

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