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Friday, October 31

09h00 - 12h30 
PROTECTION OF LAWYERS / HUMAN RIGHTSPalazzo dei congressi di Firenze - Sala 104

The Right to Legal Assistance and the Effective Exercise of Defence Rights Around the World: From the Defence of the Accused to Attacks on the Defender

We will address a central theme for our profession: the necessary protection of lawyers in the exercise of their professional duties and functions, whether in civil, criminal or commercial matters. Specifically, we will discuss the intimidation and sentencing of lawyers and human rights defenders, searches of their offices and wiretapping of their telephone calls and conversations. A lawyer’s necessary right to freedom of expression, within and without the courtroom, in the defence of clients, will also be addressed.

We will share dossiers and situations where the UIA has intervened on behalf of colleagues who have been persecuted simply for practising their profession. We will also discuss the procedural stage at which lawyer's intervention is possible, including a recent trend — in countries such as France, Belgium, Monaco and Russia — that allows defendants to be represented by counsel in the investigation or preliminary stage of a legal proceeding.The session will be interactive.

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