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Call for applications: 8th International Jacques Leroy Prize – Business and Human Rights

The UIA organises the 8th International Jacques Leroy Prize – Business and Human Rights.
The UIA encourages law students to participate in this prize rewarding a youngster under 30 for his research about the theme of business and Human Rights.
This year, the Jacques Leroy Prize focuses on natural resource exploitation and respect for human rights.

Communities that are rich in natural resources are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses, due to the conditions under which these resources are sometimes exploited. Natural resource exploitation often causes commercial interests to be given priority over safeguarding the rights of local populations, including with regard to the environment.

This exploitation can then lead to corruption, fraud and looting. Military control over areas that are rich in natural resources fuels conflicts, in connection with which major commercial interests are often negotiated. The involvement of international organisations and neighbouring countries further increases the number of stakeholders, and confrontations between them can cause human and environmental disasters. It has become clear that in certain areas, the presence of natural resources is a major cause of escalation of some of the deadliest conflicts.

How can companies limit the impacts of natural resource exploitation on the rights of local populations and avoid fuelling conflicts in their relations with the authorities, these populations, and their international partners and subsidiaries?

Students who wish to participate in the prize must send us a written entry (trial argument, dissertation, study or commentary on a practical case, based on a solid legal line of reasoning) in 20,000 characters (including spaces). Please send your documents via postal mail  (20 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris-France) or by e-mail ( before July 31, 2017, 
The documents may be written in English, French or Spanish.
The winner will be rewarded with free registration for the 2016 Toronto – Canada Congress from October 27-31, a cash prize of € 1,000 and a year’s free membership in the UIA. 

Complete regulation below 



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