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Dear colleagues,
Further to the creation of the Startups & Venture Capital working group, I would like to invite you to join this newcomer in the UIA world.
Startups are currently on the edge of innovation and business creation all around the world. The shift in economy and the business transformation is incredible as we change from an industrial to a digital era. The most valuable enterprises in the world are no longer industrial but internet companies, some of them not having more than 10 years of age.
Never we, as lawyers, have felt that innovation drives regulation so fast as it currently does and the challenges are enormous. Uber has forced new regulation on city mobility and self-driving cars will force new rules very soon, AirBnB has forced changes in rental laws, Facebook pushes privacy boundaries every day and one can go on and on with several other examples.
This new reality impacts corporate law, finance and banking, privacy, intellectual property, tax, health regulation, among many other areas.
So, if you have an interest in startups, fintech, insuretech, healthtech, legaltech or any other tech area, join us at the Startups & Venture Capital working group.
We welcome you.
Paulo Bandeira
Working Group President


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