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The Litigation Commission is one of the UIA's most active commissions and covers practically all aspects of dispute resolution.

It contributes heavily to the scientific program of UIA congresses by offering attractive sessions, either individually, or through joint working sessions with other UIA commissions.


The Litigation Commission is also active in organising seminars (for example, the famous Winter Seminars) and providing speakers on main themes at the annual UIA Congresses.

It focuses on the legal, practical and procedural issues involved in litigation cases. The range of subjects the Litigation Commission covers include all aspects of dispute resolution, civil law or case law, and procedural or substantive aspects, whether in or out of court. Its sessions are both entertaining and scientific.


Recent examples of Congress and seminar topics are:

- Enforcement of foreign judgments
- Tracing and freezing assets
- Class action
- Obtaining evidence from the adverse party
- International civil litigation and the USA
- Claims management, types of liability and compensation litigation

And, of course, the most interesting recent developments in litigation all over the world.

We maintain close links with organisations such as the ABA Litigation Section.

We are always looking for new, active participants, either as speakers at Congress or seminar sessions, or as professional rapporteurs on specific subjects.

Please join us!

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