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The Working Group on Immigration and Nationality Law brings together lawyers active in immigration matters in the strict sense and lawyers who are aware of the nexus between immigration law and other areas of practice (including, for example, employment law, tax law, criminal law, and constitutional law).

Human rights and due process concerns are inherent in any discussion of immigration. In addition to a study of national laws and practices, the Working Group endeavours to take a broader look at the on-going multilateral discussions at the United Nations and other international organisations and forums.

The UIA, with its global membership, is well-placed to enter into these discussions. 

The Working group holds seminars, publishes an electronic newsletter and develops programs for each Congress of the UIA. In providing a venue that empowers lawyers by apprising them and enabling discussions and analysis on legal developments in this rapidly evolving area, we are building a network of practitioners in many jurisdictions.

We invite you to join us.

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