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The Corporate Law commission of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA) analyses current problems in companies law from academic and practical standpoints.

Since its members come from different jurisdictions, the problems are generally analysed with a comparative law approach, which enriches discussions, because the problems are analysed mentioning the differences in several legal systems.

During the annual congress, frequently joint sessions with other commissions dealing with related subjects are organised, with the purpose of studying problems from complementary viewpoints. Particularly, with the M&As, Financial Services, Banking Law, Tax Law, Labor Law and Foreign Investment Commissions.

During the year, seminars are also organised on subjects of current interest, generally  with other UIA commissions or with other professional associations.

The sessions organised by the commission are known for their practical and dynamic approach, pertinence and timing. Participants are also given the opportunity to express their opinions and interact with panelists and reporters who have prepared the national reports on the subjects discussed.

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